We’ve seen a rise in client requests to dress their office space, with a particular interest in the addition of wall art. Find out more…

The main CAT B fit out works have been achieved, and now it’s time for the finishing touches. Wall art is part of these final touches to a new fit out, and can transform the atmosphere and feel of one area or the workspace as a whole, from calm to corporate, or energising and inspirational.

Choosing artwork for your space is therefore an important choice. It’s one that needs to reflect your brand, as well as the aim of the office environment on its people. It can give your office a cohesive look that matches your company’s unique branding, while boosting employee well-being, morale, creativity, and connection to the brand.

But how do you select the right wall art for your office? Our interior designers collaborate with experienced stylists to help navigate that decision, identifying pieces that matches your brand’s unique character. Whether it’s a mood-altering colour palette, lively designs, or bold statement patterns, we ensure your office art reflects who you are and where you want to be.

Why is decorating an office space important?

“The details are not the details. They make design”

Charles Eames, American Designer and Architect

Every detail, from furniture selection to the colour on the walls, represents your brand and the feeling your office wants to exude to its people. These elements make a profound impression on employees and clients, whether they enter the office daily or for the first time.

Where should I start with including wall art?

First, consider what you want the art to achieve. When selecting art pieces, consider your budget – bespoke, historic art can prove costly but inspirational pieces can be really affordable. Understand the desired effect you want to create within the area, and we’ll work with you on incorporating it into the overall design.

Art is powerful stuff – the size, placement, colour palette, design, and patterns, can completely change the look and feel of an office in seconds.

Looking for office wall art ideas? Here are six examples where dressing the space with art has completely transformed the look and feel of the area:

1. Branded art for Veezu, Cardiff

Branded office art for hanging on the walls

Including your corporate icon into the office environment is an easy way to personalise your space and build connection with your brand values, while enhancing the aesthetic.

For taxi giant Veezu, a bespoke canvas featuring Veezu’s iconic ‘V’ decorated with landmarks from their other office locations. This statement piece is the centre of attention within the large open space.

2. Abstract painting for The Cube, Bristol

office art - office wall art abstract the cube bristol - Paramount D&B

Abstract office art is perfect for creating a mood or evoking emotion. In the reception area of The Cube, a five-storey building in Bristol, a colourful abstract painting creates a focal point that welcomes guests and ties in with the overall decor, giving the space a modern and inviting feel.

3. Bespoke portraits for Menzies, Cardiff

Photo office art for hanging on the walls

A photograph is an ideal way to add character to both traditional and modern office spaces. For those on a tighter budget, a picture speaks a thousand words and makes an affordable and bold addition to any space.

At our Menzies project, we included a traditional black-and-white photograph of the Cardiff skyline taken by our very own Student Designer (and aspiring photographer).

4. Localised mural for SmartBear, Bath

Localised office art mural painted on walls showing bath

An office mural is an incredible way to inject fun into your space, while encouraging creativity and inspiration in your people. The best part about an office mural is that it is totally bespoke and can be adapted to suit any office location, landmarks, milestones, and so on. This is ideal inspiration for growing companies looking to customise office locations worldwide while maintaining a brand’s core identity.

An excellent example is at our fit out for SmartBear headquarters in Bath, where the illustrator incorporated elements of the location into the beautiful bold design.

5. Motivational quotes for SCI-MX, Gloucester

Motivational office art

To boost employee morale while projecting your company’s message or direction, consider adding a motivational quote using decals or neon-light signage pieces. This can be as big and as bold as you like. It’s best to place wall quotes in central spaces like hallways, reception areas, and breakout areas where everyone can see them at multiple times during the day.

We combined motivational office wall art at our SCI-MX fit out within the collaborative areas and meeting rooms to help keep employees motivated and energised throughout the day.

6. Historic prints for Hodge House, Cardiff

prints office art of hodge house floor plan

Working within a budget? Prints are an excellent option! You can easily mix and match a gallery of diagrams, quotes, and photographs to elevate your design without straining your budget.

At Hodge House, we added print diagrams of the original floor plan of this historic landmark in the centre of Cardiff, as homage to the building’s history. The wall art is a talking point for visitors and gives the space a more personal touch.

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