How we work

Health & Safety is paramount

We never compromise on any aspect of health and safety. That’s why it’s important to us that we regularly monitor our ways of working in line with legislative requirements, industry standards and good practice.

We’ve held ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification for twelve years. The ultimate objective of operating this standard is client satisfaction, through robust, consistent and well-documented systems. The work involved in obtaining certification helped us clarify and codify our internal processes so that we were able to identify and streamline our procedures to work more efficiently and effectively.

Three years ago, we decided to add the new ISO:45001 standard for Occupational Health & Safety Management. The ultimate objective of 45001 is maintaining the health and well-being of our employees and anyone affected by our activities.

Both ISOs were then combined into a single Management Systems Manual, which is audited every six months by our certification body, BSI (British Standards Institute)

To complete the set, we have also acquired ISO:14001 Environmental Management accreditation which provides a framework to manage and ultimately reduce our environmental impacts.

ISO certification helps to increase confidence – and specifically customer confidence – in our ability to deliver. It also increases trust, consistency of outcomes, customer satisfaction and efficiency, and reduces waste, risk and cost.

Effective management systems and certification can also deliver productivity improvements due to improved ways of working, reduced operating costs, reduced business risks through managing risks and opportunities and improved reputation and competitive advantage.

We’ve also achieved Constructionline Gold, Alcumus SafeContractor Accreditation and SafePQQ Verification. Alcumus SafeContractor is the UK’s leading health and safety accreditation, assessing all health and safety arrangements, policies and qualifications of contractors.

Compliance, competencies checks and documentation reviews are undertaken using internal vetting procedures and Safe Systems in Procurement (SSIP) accreditation checks. All of which enables us to have complete visibility into our supply chain, which supports us in maintaining high quality standards across our in-house teams and subcontractor supply chain.

In 2021 we took a step further in our health and safety plans by appointing a Health and Safety Manager. Read about it here.

In addition to improvements with Health and Safety there is a strong focus and drive to improve areas of the business which may have an impact on the environment and sustainability.

Health & Wellbeing resources

Check out our latest Health, Safety and Environmental news in our HSE Newsletter April.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance Credentials

Having a positive impact on our community and the wider world matters to us, which is why we’ve made it integral to the way we work.

- ESG chart - Paramount D&B


We actively look for ways to minimise our impact on the environment through a number of business-wide practices.

We comply with legislation and industry standards in addition to moral and financial influences, impacts on corporate policy and standard working practices.

We take measures to reduce the impact of our undertakings on climate change including assessing the potential for internal changes, setting practical objectives and impacts on resourcing of supply change and procurement of materials.

We also actively encourage the reduction of carbon and greenhouse gas emission reduction through the reduction of unnecessary travel, locally sourced workforce, materials and equipment and usage of electric vehicles, where possible.

We look to procure sustainably sourced materials and products, packaging reduction, implementation and monitoring of waste hierarchy principal through design. We also encourage reduction strategies across the business, where possible reusing and recycling materials and limiting waste to landfill through recovery and residual techniques.

We actively seek to limit the use of harmful chemicals and implement process controls to prevent releases to air land and water.
The protection of water sources is considered part of the site specific project assessment and environmental management plan and any risks identified are managed and controlled to prevent pollution. Water usage is limited to requirements, whilst water harvesting is considered where possible for use in general site dampening down or cleaning activities.

Air quality and pollution is managed and monitored to prevent environmental pollution and health and safety risks to site users.

The conservation and limitation of natural resources and biodiversity is considered on all projects with our impact on ecological footprints and biodiversity reviewed through environmental assessments and project controls.

We use and install renewable energy sources including the installation of Solar PVs, LED lighting, electric vehicle charging stations and use of electric vehicles from business usage.

Product procurement using sustainable sources is actively undertaken by the relevant teams. Information on sustainable products and materials sourcing and their usage is discussed with our clients, providing them with the information and advice they need to make an informed decision on which products to use.

M&E installations, acoustics, internal and external green spaces and infrastructure are implemented where practical to improve eco travel as are transport infrastructures i.e., cycle storage and electric charging bays.


We establish strong and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, internal and external – employees, clients, contractors, suppliers and communities.

Supplier and contractor environmental and health and safety credentials are checked through internal vetting processes undertaken by HS&E, Design and Procurement teams.

All information gathered and obtained is held securely and archived where required. Secure systems are employed, audited and insured to GDPR requirements.

Fair pay is supported and equal opportunities encouraged throughout, performance based and fair wages in line with economic growth.

Human resource policies and support for employees cover all aspects of employee rights and entitlements. Employees are provided with support with work and personal related issues.

Relations, investments and contributions to local and recognised charities and local community groups are supported through charity donations and fundraising initiatives and actively encouraged.

Employees are supported through internal and external training and investment in employee assistant programs and health and wellbeing support services.

Workplace environment and satisfaction renowned for warm and welcoming workspaces being part of and embedded in our nature.


Our Company leadership and commitment, executive pay, audits, internal controls and shareholder engagement.

Our Board of Directors is diverse in character and skills with a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to continual improvement.

We have a number of policies in place to address legal, financial and social issues, setting strategies and promoting continual improvement objectives. Whilst assessments, monitoring and auditing of internal and external stakeholders and systems and processes are conducted to identify risks, implement controls and ensure compliance and standards.

Our accounting methods are accurate and transparent. As is our communication with key stakeholders who we engage through regular communication which includes meetings,
newsletters, updates, training and social events.

Key ESG Partnerships and Initiatives 

The first city-wide property inclusion charter in the UK, intended to promote and drive diversity and inclusion.

Helping UK companies donate furniture and equipment to charities, schools, community groups, NHS trusts and other not for profit good causes.

Raising thousands for local charities both in the South West and Wales for the likes of Bristol Bears Community Foundation, Bristol Young Heroes Awards, Penny Brohn, Gympasn, Tŷ Hafan Children’s Hospice, Gympanzees and many more…

We partner with a number of sustainable manufacturers including Interface, Milliken and Daikin. Steelcase is recognised with multiple awards both nationally and internationally for its ongoing commitment to its sustainability initiatives to limit its impact on the planet and reduce climate change.

We actively seek emerging talent and offer yearly internships for design students and young people entering the world of construction.

We fully support people who push themselves to become the best that they can be from touring golf professional Jack Doherty to Matt Bell’s Ice Warrior expedition.

Senior members of the Paramount team regularly offer their free time to help start and develop the careers of young people through mentoring programs set up by the likes of Babassa, BCO NextGen and local universities.

In 2021 Paramount staff became majority shareholders, collectively owning 51% of the business.