Styling a space is becoming more and more popular for our clients, as the trend for resi-mercial interior design continues to soften the more corporate working environment.

Here we introduce our Design Assistant, Laura Doherty, who is a safe pair of hands for our clients, and one who is never short of creative ideas. In her role, it’s her responsibility to handle the finishing touches of a newly designed project, injecting personality and selecting the right accessories that add depth, texture, and colour to perfect the finished space.

Recently, we took some time to sit down with Laura for a quick-fire Q&A – here’s a little introduction.

Originally from London, Laura spent two years living in Dubai after securing an opportunity at a top-tier residential design agency, which inevitably shaped her career.
Here she is at this year’s company away day… where we were in awe of her winning performance of the robot dance. Not to mention, her dart skills at the Christmas party!

Hi Laura. What do you do at Paramount?

“It’s a broad, fast-paced role but to put it simply, I assist the Design Team with anything they might need. This can range from helping select finishes including fabrics and tiles, to finding ideal furniture pieces for a project. I also work a lot with CAD for space planning projects, and setting up electrical and lighting drawings, liaising regularly with our Projects Director. I’m also heavily involved in setting up our Content Studio, which essentially is a library of all Revit downloads from our suppliers that assists the Design Team in creating their beautiful designs.”

What did you do before you joined Paramount?

“Originally a residential designer by trade, I moved to Dubai after landing my dream job, where my partner and I lived and worked for two years. In this role, I worked on high end residential villas and apartments. Prior to moving to Dubai, I was based in London and Berkshire, working on similar projects and providing home staging services for large developers. When I fell pregnant with my first daughter, we decided to return to the UK. My husband secured a job in business development at Paramount, and I later joined the Design Team. The rest is history!”

Take a look at some of the incredible projects Laura helped to style, featuring Paramount Bristol, Equisoft and Offspring Films

Briefly detail your day-to-day at Paramount.

“Aside from styling projects, and assisting on projects where needed, my prime focus is enhancing our BIM Library alongside our BIM Coordinator and Senior Designer, Gareth Davies. Downloading the products, furniture and materials for the designers is a long process, but saves the team time allowing them to effortlessly drop items straight into their projects.”

At Paramount, we’re all about creating places where people want to be. Where’s your favourite place to be?

“Anywhere with my family. I also love being abroad, so anywhere hot and sunny with them would be lovely.”

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