The details


12 weeks




9,500 sqft

The Brief

We were appointed by financial services software provider and management consultancy Equisoft to complete both the design and fit out of its brand-new UK HQ in the recently regenerated Bath Quays district.

The Solution

Equisoft wanted to bring people together into a ‘home from home’ environment that truly considered their needs. The last few years have been tough on many, and it was essential to the client that a new kind of office was delivered to bring about a culture that would actively promote health and wellness, collaboration and enable modern hybrid working patterns.

In order to ensure the new workplace met Equisoft requirements and post-pandemic working habits, we researched the needs of all the team and conducted several stakeholder engagement sessions. Results showed an increased need for a variety of meeting places, easy access to video conferencing, privacy, enhanced acoustics, and plenty of collaborative social space.

With the space carefully considered, our designer developed what we call a ‘people-first’ approach to workplace design with carefully specified fixtures and furnishings.

The design aesthetic for the space revolves around a calming base palette. Finishes are soft and comforting to minimise visual stress, yet also happy and bright to inject life into the space. We have been particularly mindful of enhancing light and space, avoiding dark colours and keeping the space open.

Boasting ergonomically designed ‘standing’ desks and a large communal kitchen, the new office now includes a range of collaborative spaces, such as booths, awnings, and touchdown tables to suit hybrid work. The space also includes a dedicated Health and Well-being ‘relaxation’ room for people to take themselves away from their desk and have some breathing space and/or meditate.

The new workspace is located at No.1 Bath Quays, which is the first new office block to be built in Bath for a generation and boasts a certified ‘A’ energy-efficient building.

This is an inspirational, all-inclusive workspace from a forward-thinking employer who put teamwork, investment in employees and sustainability at the forefront of its new office aspirations, and we’re proud to say that we have delivered just that.

What the
client had
to say

“Paramount are very much like Equisoft in size, culture, values, and their team just ‘got us’. They were very receptive to our ambition to provide an inspiring workplace for our team while focusing on environmental consciousness. Our new HQ will provide the next step in the growth of our business and will provide an inspiring place to work for current and future employees. We are absolutely delighted with the results.”

Martyn Evans

Consulting Director - Equisoft

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