Recently, we’ve been breaking down what we call The Paramount Process to give our customers an idea of what to expect from us. We’ve already talked you through the various stages of designing an office and what to expect from a Paramount office fit out. So, what’s next? The plans for your office are looking great, your Internet, electricity and everything else associated with a fit out are all on order, but in most instances, you’re not going to be able to get working without some modern office furniture.

The design and fit out of an office can be a time-consuming project, so you should never waste all that time and effort by planning an inspiring interior and then using below-par furniture.

Workplace wellbeing is becoming more and more prominent in the news, and businesses don’t have to settle for furniture solutions that do little for the comfort and wellbeing of their staff. At Paramount, everything we do has a rationale behind it, and that includes picking the perfect piece of furniture for each separate element of your workplace.

Finding a suitable supplier

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A workplace isn’t always an office, in fact, we’ve worked on projects such as cafes, airports and even rugby changing rooms! Therefore, we are not going to be able to satisfy such different requirements by using the same furniture supplier for each project. As such, we have positive partnerships with many of the world’s leading furniture suppliers. At Paramount, we only work with the best. We carefully select the suppliers that we use and put even more thought into finding the right suppliers for each separate project.

Analysing the space

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Generally speaking, a workplace is made up of lots of different spaces. From meeting rooms and office areas to break-out spaces and relaxation areas, each area has very specific requirements from the furniture being used there. Whether it’s an ergonomic task chair for your desk or an innovative seating solution for a social space, we’ll find the right piece of furniture from the right supplier at the right price.

Part of the furniture

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We also understand that there are parts of your office that might mean something to you on a more personal or sentimental level. If there’s a piece or pieces of furniture that you would like to keep, we can carry out detailed surveys of your existing furniture. Our design team will then incorporate this into the proposal for your new office.

And as the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle of the Paramount Process, we can also manage the relocation of everything from your furniture to your files. We’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the big move so that you can concentrate on getting settled in.

The complete Paramount process

You can find out more about our approach and some examples of our work in the new Paramount brochure.

If you want to talk about your choices of modern office furniture, get in our touch today to discuss your options.