Following a break of 2 years, due to the pandemic, we were delighted to invite into our office again the 2nd year Interior Design degree students from the University of South Wales.

For a number of a years now Paramount has supported students from the course in a mentoring role. Recently the students visited our showroom to see how a live design studio works and to present their work to our design team.

- USW student 3 - Paramount D&B

This year two of our Designers, Beth and Gareth, listened in to each of the student’s work and offered their comments and thoughts about the projects and presentation techniques from both a creative and commercial angle.

The project this year centred around a ‘work lounge’ brief in a Life Science Facility where students and professionals/researchers will use the space. Their focus was on the larger scheme, but also to concentrate on a particular fixed/bespoke element for the design project. This work also formed part of a module producing Production Information Drawings in order to help prepare them for industry.

- USW group photo - Paramount D&B

Here’s what Gareth had to say about the experience…

“It is always great for students to get a feel for how a live design studio works and get some insight into everyday process. But it’s also a great opportunity for Paramount to support and witness new talent within our local university.

This year the students presented their bespoke designed element for a life science facility, sharing their designs from initial brief and research through to the finished ‘pitch’ design. Beth and I had the privilege of reviewing these presentations and giving our professional opinion from both feasibility and overall execution.

Every year the students get more and more innovative and creative with some great concepts coming through, which even adopted recent trends of working which we are applying in our own designs. It was inspiring to see that sustainability has become a common topic in each students’ presentation and the depth of detail in some, right down to how these elements fit together, went almost to an instruction manual level.

We hope that the students found our feedback valuable, and it assists in their progression through future modules. We are always happy to be on hand to give advice on the industry to those who want to know more.”