A Design Assembly Workshop by Patternistas

As well as the presentations from office design specialists at Design Assembly South Wales on October 19th, we were very proud to host our first workshop at the event.

Suzanne and Chris Carpenter from Patternistas were here to share their pattern-making prowess.

They create bespoke patterns that can be printed on almost any interior or exterior surface, from fabrics, banners and wallpaper to glass, wood, ceramic tiles, vinyl and more.

Patternistas office furniture fabric patterns

Suzanne and Chris were here to share one of their popular Pattern Making Workshops. But first, they gave us an insight into what they do and the power of pattern when it comes to the working environment.

Connecting workspaces and people

Business owners know that it’s vital for people to feel comfortable and connected in their workspace.

As we’ve explored in some of our previous blogs, happy staff are more engaged, productive and less likely to be absent or leave.

A lack of visual stimulation will dull the senses and affect our ability to stay alert. So how can we provide spaces that provide sensory change and variability?

Patterned chair in natural setting

Pattern is in our biology and our chemistry

We all prefer access to nature, views and daylight.

In spaces where access to the outside is limited, surfaces and artwork with biophilic design can have a similarly positive effect.

This could be anything from decorative acoustic panels, office furniture and wall coverings to curtains, blinds or rugs.

Patternistas decorative acoustic panels

Patternistas has created a series of patterns that symbolise nature in the workplace.

Patternistas natural wallpaper design

As well as their existing ranges of patterns, Patternistas also work with businesses and manufacturers to create bespoke, wholly original patterns.

Patternistas bespoke fabric pattern for PWC

They can create patterns that specifically suit the needs of employees and give staff a sense of place.

Patternistas tile designs

These designs can also be used to add personality and visual energy to a space, highlight one zone from another and amplify an organisation’s brand values.

The Patternistas Workshop

Since creative play has been known to relieve stress, improve brain function, increase productivity and help create connections, Chris and Suzanne wanted us to let our imaginations run free with some uninhibited mark making.

Inspiration for the pattern workshop at Design Assembly South Wales 2018

The point of their workshop was to simply go with the flow.

By cutting out shapes and putting pen, pencil and ink-pad to paper, our attendees could create unique patterns that looked (almost) as good as the professionals.

It was all thanks to a nifty Instagram tool used by the passionate pattern professionals from Patternistas.

You can see some of the results on their Instagram account…

- pinterest patternistas - Paramount D&B

The Patternistas workshop was a fun, creative, relaxing way to conclude Design Assembly South Wales 2018.

With workplace wellbeing high on the agenda for many businesses, pattern proved to be a great way to approach the subject in relation to the design of a workplace.

If you’d like to see how patterns could feature in your next office fit-out, contact the team at Paramount today.