Whilst there are many benefits to an open-plan office design, there’s always going to be a need for a degree of privacy at times.

Fortunately, you don’t need to choose between protecting confidentiality or an open plan space thanks to a clever new invention called Casper.

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Created by Designtex, Casper is a new window film that takes inspiration from science fiction.

The thin film acts as a “cloaking device” and disguises screens from anyone behind the window, making them appear as if they are simply switched off while everything else in the room looks completely normal.

When the film is applied to a glass wall or a window, it blocks out the light waves that are transmitted through LCD and LED screens.

Openness and Privacy; a fine balance

Natural light and a sense of openness are important in office design, but the need for privacy can’t be underestimated, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive data or keeping new plans under wraps.

In terms of design, Casper is particularly exciting and innovative since it removes the need for curtains, blinds or permanently opaque glass.

It offers a lot more freedom if the requirements for a workplace design include a minimalistic approach.

It also provides a sense of openness without compromising privacy when sensitive data is shown in meetings or conferences.

Behind the veil

An office design is something that’s carefully thought out, but there’s always been a fine balance between creating spaces with collaborative open-plan layouts and providing spaces which offer much-needed privacy.

For some, the addition of blinds, curtains and sliding screens disrupt the clean lines of an open environment.

Certainly, one of the purposes of an open office is to make employees feel connected at all times. Visible barriers could be seen to undermine this.

Workers like transparency in the workplace. It creates a sense of trust and suggests that there are no secrets across all levels.

Yet, understandably, there will still be times when privacy is needed. Casper offers a nice balance between openness and privacy with an air of informality.

If you’re looking to create an office space that provides privacy whilst also inspiring collaboration, get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.