If you’re about to change your office’s interior design, it’s the perfect opportunity to think about what you can do to encourage creativity, collaboration and concentration in the workplace. Even if you’re not considering an office fit-out, we’ve come up with a few small points that could make a big impact in your office.

1.     Colours.

Your office needn’t just be in your corporate colours. Consider different colours for different areas depending on what they’re used for. Bright, vibrant colours can inspire creativity in rooms where people come together to share ideas, while pastel colours can promote relaxation in breakout areas.

2.     Wear your culture on your walls.

Whether you choose one big original, commissioned piece of art or smaller pieces scattered around the walls, if you represent your brand through visuals your employees will feel at home in work.

googles office interiors

3.     Catch up and unwind.

Some people need their coffee in the morning, so good kitchen facilities are a must. It also gives people somewhere to relax and get together for a chat.

4.     Sitting comfortably?

A comfy, ergonomically designed chair can make all the difference. Who feels motivated to work if they are feeling uncomfortable with an aching back? Some tasks may require a specific piece of office furniture, but the addition of lumbar support to existing chairs might be all that’s needed.

steelcase's office interiors

5.     Natural light

As well as improving mood, natural light is much better for your eyes and also an effective way of giving your office a sense of additional space. It can also save on your energy bills too.

6.     Snacks

It may seem frivolous but a decently stocked snack box gives an extra place for people to get together and chat. Some of the best business ideas may very well occur over a digestive!  

biscuits to improve office culture

7.     Celebrate your staff

Any business is only as good as the people who work there, so find a way to acknowledge and appreciate your staff. It could be an area that highlights the top achievers or a collection of photos from a recent office get together.

8.     Work, rest, then play

Remember bringing your board games into school? Take a break from the day-to-day and make your office a workplayce with giant jenga, communal scrabble or office ping pong. 

scrabble to improve office culture

9.     Stop, Look and Listen

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and let your employees tell you about the place they work in, not only what’s great about it but what could be improved too. It needn’t mean making massive changes, sometimes people just like to let off steam, but you may also hit upon a great idea that makes a big difference.

10. Get out more

While you obviously want your staff to work as efficiently as possible, there appears to be an unhealthy trend towards having lunch at your desk nowadays. One solution is an office design that includes break out areas, but where that’s not possible, maybe organise a lunchtime walking club or lunchtime yoga sessions!

yoga a relaxed office interiors

Happy staff are productive staff so it makes sense to look at the things that keep people positive, focused and contented. Your office’s interior design can do this in any number of ways, whether you’re having an office fit-out or not, and these are only a few suggestions.

Feel free to let us know what makes a difference in your office or check out our office design services.