We have been appointed to create an inspiring workplace at the heart of historic Bath’s flagship regeneration project.

The prestigious new office space in the Bath Quays office building is for leading local financial services consultancy and software provider, Equisoft.

Altus is one of the first tenants of No 1 Bath Quays – the first new office block to be built in Bath for a generation and a key part in Bath and North East Somerset Council’s ambitious regeneration programme and climate emergency priority.

We will be transforming the 9,445 sq ft workspace on the top floor of the five-storey, energy-efficient office building.

Carly Willis, Client Lead, said:

“We have relished working closely with Equisoft to create an inspirational, attractive, sustainable, and eco-friendly workplace for a company at the forefront of bold local authority plans to revitalise Bath as an economic hub.

“Our objective for the new Equisoft office is to create an uplifting workplace that is both a showcase to clients and a joy for staff – high-end destination space that encourages positive interactions between staff and clients.”

In order to ensure the new workplace met Equisoft requirements and post-pandemic hybrid working habits, Paramount conducted a company-wide staff survey and several stakeholder engagement sessions.

Results showed an increased need for a variety of meeting places, easy access to video conferencing, privacy, enhanced acoustics and plenty of collaborative social space.

Bethan Hellings, Lead Designer, commented:

“The words ‘collaborative’, ‘spacious’ and ‘fun’ came up time and again during our engagement sessions and they’ve coloured my work in more ways than one.

“Finishes have been carefully selected to be soft and calming yet also happy and bright and we have been particularly mindful of enhancing light and space, avoiding dark colours and keeping the space as open as possible. A calming base palette is unobtrusive and minimises visual stress, but we have also added uplifting colour accents to add life to the space.”

Now the new office, which includes a terrace offering stunning views of the city, is in the final stages of development, with Equisoft staff expected to move in by mid-October.

Martyn Evans, Consulting Director, Equisoft commented:

“Paramount are very much like Equisoft in size, culture, values, and their team just ‘got us’. They are very receptive to our ambition to provide an inspiring workplace for our staff while focusing on environmental consciousness.

“Our new HQ will provide the next step in the growth of our business and will provide an inspiring place to work for current and future staff. We are delighted to be moving the business to No 1 Bath Quays and to be part of the city’s regeneration journey.”