Having healthy, happy staff is important to us. We’re lucky enough to have some exceptionally active people at Paramount but workplace wellbeing isn’t just about staying physically active.

We’ve always recognised the importance of health, safety and wellbeing when it comes to the workplaces that our office design team creates for our clients but we also encourage the same principles when it comes to our own staff.

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With this in mind, we decided to apply for the Healthy Working Wales Bronze Award status.

The title of this blog is probably a bit of a spoiler as to whether we achieved it or not but here’s how we got there…

What is Healthy Working Wales?

Healthy Working Wales (HWW) is a Welsh Government programme that helps employers, individuals and health professionals support working-age people in Wales to stay fit and healthy.

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As part of this programme, HWW present free workplace health and wellbeing awards to businesses.

The awards support employers to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff, engage with them more effectively, reduce sickness absence costs, and improve productivity.

Practising what we preach

Working towards the Bronze Small Workplace Health Award allowed us to focus our efforts and form a health and wellbeing focus group.

All levels of staff, from senior members to new-starters, now have the opportunity to provide feedback on the activities and initiatives we introduce, allowing us to make improvements as we go.

This marks the beginning of a wellbeing process that will apply changes throughout the business, allowing us to positively affect everyone at Paramount.

With the help of our Workplace Health Practitioner, we’ve already implemented new initiatives, including #TeamWalkTuesday.

Bronze Small Workplace Health Award

The successful achievement of our Bronze Small Workplace Health Award is just the first step of our journey to promote health and wellbeing at Paramount.

All of our staff, whether they are based in the office, out on site during an office fit out or on the road, are now making new and interesting suggestions towards what we can do.

This continuous focus on health and wellbeing also allows us to suggest innovative and fresh ideas to our clients for their own workplace, whether that’s one-off events, weekly activities or simply encouraging regular breaks.

We’ve already seen the positive effect that this has had on our team, which is why we’re proud to call ourselves an HWW award-winning workplace.