Rivergate Bristol

The details

The Brief

Paramount is a Design & Build company, committed to providing a high-quality experience from start to finish, and they are passionate about creating spaces that make people feel good.

Paramount had worked with Do Digital Agency before, on previous CGI Stills, Animation and Web Build projects. “We knew from the start that we needed something people could experience and play with on the night. We also know full well what the guys at DoDA can do, but we weren’t entirely sure if what we had in mind was even possible to begin with.” 

About This Project

A remodelled building totalling 75,000 sq ft designed to the highest specification and with sustainability at its heart. Large flexible floorplates, unrivalled facilities, curated fittings and superior finishes create a statement workplace focused on wellbeing.

- Basement - Paramount D&B

14 EV Charging Points


142 Cycle Parking Spaces


Brompton Cycle Hire


Cycle Maintenance Stands

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Male Changing


Female Changing

- Ground Floor scaled - Paramount D&B

Office Space




Private Terrace




4 x 13 - Person Lifts to all floors

- Floor 6 - Paramount D&B

- Stills CAT A 008.0000 - Paramount D&B


- Stills CAT A 003.0000 - Paramount D&B


- Stills CAT A 004.0000 - Paramount D&B

- Stills CAT B 008.0000 1 scaled - Paramount D&B - Stills CAT A 010.0000 scaled - Paramount D&B

The Solution

With the interactive build, the Paramount team could sit and talk event attendees through their proposal in person, helping them to add an extra personal touch. The build was outfitted with a myriad of bells and whistles, including; a third person perspective camera, a day and night mode toggle, a CAT A to CAT B mode toggle, a floor plan viewer and information pop up boxes. “They consistently went above and beyond, producing incredible work that exceeded our expectations. DoDA played a pivotal role in helping us effectively convey our clients messaging, displaying unparalleled support from start to finish.” The DPP presentation allowed quick reference to specific sections of the interactive build and for conveyance of extra information through the use of features like; image galleries and sliders, animated GIFs, video and embedded content like 360 tours. “We were using the DPP as a digital brochure on the night, we had a separate conference room set up where we could usher people in and talk them through the pitch. We found people were very happy to approach afterwards and chat about our design and we took full advantage of how well the information was presented.”

The success of this project demonstrates the immense potential of immersive technology to improve the communication and collaboration process between design teams and their clients. By creating more realistic and interactive experiences, immersive technology can help to better understand and appreciate complex ideas, and to make more informed decisions. “DoDA’s highly streamlined process ensures that the entire creative journey is cohesive and efficient. With DoDA, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a dedicated partner committed to your success.”